What to Do With a Car Breakdown on a Tacoma Highway

highway breakdownAn inconvenient and potentially dangerous situation is a highway breakdown in Tacoma. Despite the precarious scenario, it’s important to remain calm. Here are the actions to take.

Pull Over

Even if a tire blows out or if the hood blows smoke, the car is still capable of operation for several miles. Keep driving until you find a secure location to pull over. If you’re on the freeway, take the next exit if one is nearby and look for a parking spot. You can even see if there are any auto service stations within the immediate area.

If you must pull over in the middle of a busy highway, exit from the right side of the vehicle. Boost your car’s visibility by turning on the hazard lights.

Call for Help

Examine the damage but don’t attempt to fix the issue; this leaves you vulnerable to passing vehicles. Instead, call AAA or roadside assistance. A tow truck will take your car to a nearby auto repair center.

What do you do if you don’t have your phone or if the battery is dead? In this unfortunate instance, you’ll have to resort to an emergency call box. If a call box is within sight, then make the journey on foot. Just stay as much to the right side of the road as you can. If there’s no call box as far as your eye can see, then remain where you are. Sooner or later, a patrol car should pass by and see you.

Stay Calm During a Highway Breakdown in Tacoma

We can’t stress the importance of remaining calm amidst a highway breakdown. Once your car is safely off the road, get it to Jones Automotive Clinic. We perform automotive servicing on most models, including popular brands like Toyota and Subaru.

Prevent Highway Breakdown with Auto Maintenance in Tacoma

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