How to Recognize Dirty Car Air Filter Symptoms in Tacoma

dirty car air filter, dirty air filter, car air filterWhile the car isn’t exactly a living organism, it does require oxygen. To ensure the oxygen is clean and not contaminated by airborne particulates, the air has to first go through the air filter. A dirty car air filter, though, cannot adequately perform its job, in turn leading to decreased engine output. Learn to recognize the signs of a worn filter.

1. Air Filter Appears Dirty

New filters have a whitish tint. If the surface appears brownish, then it may be due for a replacement. If you’re uncertain, then let an auto service technician perform the inspection. 

2. Engine Misfires

Does the engine have difficulty starting? This is an indication the vehicle is not getting sufficient oxygen. This is likely due to the air filter being too filthy and not enabling enough air to get through.

3. Odd Engine Sounds

Listen to the engine noise when the vehicle is idling. If the filter is clean and everything is working optimally, then the engine should produce a smooth and steady roar. If the engine sounds like it’s “coughing,” or if there’s vibration, then this may be either due to a dirty air filter or a worn spark plug. An auto repair technician will need to diagnose the precise cause.

4. Horsepower Reduction

Does the car take longer to accelerate to the desired speed? This is a primary symptom of poor oxygen intake. If the vehicle is slow to accelerate, then you’re likely getting poor fuel mileage as well. 

Let Us Replace Your Dirty Car Air Filter in Tacoma

Whether you drive a Toyota or Subaru, or another brand, let us replace the dirty car air filter. Bring your vehicle to Jone’s Automotive Clinic in Tacoma for a diagnosis if you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms. Leave it to us to get to the root cause of poor engine performance.  

Dirty Car Air Filter Check and Replacement in Tacoma

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Published on July 30, 2022 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business