Four Common Car Air Conditioning Problems in Tacoma

car air conditioning problems, car AC problemsNow that summer is here, expect to use your vehicle’s AC more often. However, when you switch on the AC, you may notice the air doesn’t feel quite right, or that the system fails to cool the car cabin. Here are four car air conditioning problems to be mindful of this summer. These are signs that warrant auto servicing from a professional.

1. Moisture

Does the AC air feel stuffy? This may be an indicator of trapped moisture within the AC system. If the stuffy air also has a foul odor, then there may be bacteria and possibly mold growth inside the vent. Not only are you getting hot air, but the air may also be spreading hazardous mold spores.

2. Little Cool Air

Does the air hardly feel cool at all even though you have the AC on the max setting? This could point to either a worn condenser or a backup in the cabin air filter. A mechanic will need to check for physical obstructions in the cooling fan and condenser. There may be solid materials like leaves, small rocks, and insect parts.

3. Unusual Sounds

A car Ac should emit no sounds other than a low-volume hum. If you hear a grinding or squeaking noise, then you may have a faulty compressor. Though rare, it may also be possible that there are contaminants accumulating in the refrigerant. You will need to schedule auto repairs to fix the problem.

4. Warm Air

When you turn on the AC, it’s normal to feel warm air for the first minute or so. However, if the air remains warm, then you may have an issue with the condenser coil or fan. If either of these parts is faulty or dirty, it may fail to cool the refrigerant. 

We Inspect for Car Air Conditioning Problems in Tacoma

A car cabin can feel like an oven during the summer. If the AC isn’t working, this can make long commutes unbearable. Make an appointment at Jones Automotive Clinic if your AC isn’t providing ample cold air. We address car air conditioning problems on all models, including Toyota and Subaru vehicles.

Diagnosing Car Air Conditioning Problems in Tacoma

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