Why Summer Car Care Matters in Tacoma

summer car care, air filterIs your vehicle up to the rigors of summer commuting? Summer car care near Lakewood is essential due to the effects of high temperatures on vehicle engines. Learn the essentials of summer automotive repair and maintenance.

Inspect Your Tires

According to the Rubber Manufacturer Association, only one out of 10 car owners regularly monitor their car’s tire pressure. The tires’ pressure is important year-round but is even more vital in the summer. The heat increases pressure inside the tires. This leads to a risk of over-inflation. This is why tire blowouts are so commonplace in the summer. 

Replace the Air Filter

The air filter intercepts various debris and particles over the spring. By the time summer comes around, the air filter is quite dirty. A clogged filter diminishes fuel economy by around 10%. As a rule of thumb, you should replace the air filter every 12,000 miles. You may need to replace it more often if you drive under heavy stop-and-go traffic.

Monitor the Coolant and Radiator

Even the most advanced and modern engines can fail under extreme heat. When it gets hot enough, the metal components can partially melt and fuse together. Coolant is a preventive measure that keeps the engine at a steady temperature. Routine auto service may include a coolant flush and a coolant refill.

Check the Battery

A common assumption is that car batteries only abruptly die in the winter. The truth is that heat is just as equally taxing on a battery. High temperatures alter the chemical composition of the liquid inside the battery cell. This can lead to an overcharge and evaporation of the fluids. Once it loses enough fluids, it will fail altogether. 

We Perform Summer Car Care in Tacoma

Summer car care is a necessity to ensure your vehicle holds up under blistering weather conditions. Make an appointment at Jones Automotive Clinic for routine maintenance. We perform care on all contemporary brands, including Toyota and Subaru models.

Summer Car Care for all Vehicle Models in Tacoma

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