Common CVT Transmission Problems in Tacoma

CVT transmission problems, CVT transmissionMany modern vehicles contain a CVT transmission, which shouldn’t be confused with a typical automatic transmission. Like all other car parts, issues can occur that require auto service from a professional. What are some of the common problems that arise with this transmission type?

How a CVT Transmission in Tacoma Works

A CVT transmission is very similar to an automatic transmission. The former, however, is a more recent innovation that delivers smoother acceleration. With an automatic transmission, you may actually feel the gears shift as you pick up speed. This makes the ride and performance feel “clunky” as some people describe it. With a CVT, the system auto-adjusts to the optimum torque depending on your speed. The result is consistent and brisk acceleration.

CVT transmissions are now common in most cars, including Toyota and Subaru models. Larger trucks and diesel vehicles, though, still utilize more conventional transmissions.

Potential Problems 

Some car owners with this transmission type notice greater instances of overheating. Others have also reported sudden jerking or an abrupt loss in acceleration. The CVT belt can also over-stretch or become frayed.

How to Prevent Wear

CVTs require transmission fluid much the same way as automatic and standard transmissions. Check the owner manual for change intervals. The typical interval is every 20,000 miles.

One of the vital transmission parts is a chain that transfers power. This component needs a steady supply of oil to maintain peak operation. When the fluid becomes stale, the chain can become brittle and even split apart. This could scatter tiny metal parts across the transmission, leading to further damage.

Let Us Check Your Transmission

Schedule an appointment with Jones Automotive Clinic the minute you notice transmission problems. There may be one or more parts within the system that needs auto repair. Even if your car is quite new, don’t shrug off the symptoms of CVT transmission¬†wear.

CVT Transmission Repairs in Tacoma

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