Obscure Auto Repairs in Tacoma

obscure auto repair, spark plug, oxygen sensorWhen you need auto repairs, typical services include an oil change, tire rotations, timing belt replacement, etc. There are also some obscure auto repairs most car owners aren’t aware of or only heard of in passing. Here is a list of some of these services.

Spark Plug

The spark plug is what starts the engine combustion process. If it fails, it can also cause damage to the catalytic converter. When you repair or replace the spark plug, the ignition coils may need to be changed out as well. 

Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor regulates the oxygen in the exhaust system and sends the data to the vehicle ECU. The data is essential for ensuring proper air-to-fuel ratios. When the oxygen sensor is damaged, it may give inaccurate input, causing a miscalculation in the air and fuel mixture. All modern automobiles, including popular brands like Toyota and Subaru models, all have an oxygen sensor.

Other Sensors

Cars have a lot of sensors. The oxygen sensor is just one of them. Others include the manifold absolute pressure sensor and crank position sensor. These are all capable of failing at any given moment.

Fuel Cap

A fuel cap may seem like such a simple and non-essential component. Car owners may think it’s not a big deal if this part goes missing. However, driving without a fuel cap is detrimental to fuel efficiency. With the cap gone, your car may burn an extra 25 to 30 gallons of gasoline each year.

We Perform Obscure Auto Repairs in Tacoma

Jones Automotive Clinic performs repairs and auto services on residential and fleet vehicles. Make an appointment today if you notice odd performances. Considering cars today have thousands of parts, obscure auto repairs are bound to occur sooner or later.

Obscure Auto Repairs on all Makes and Models in Tacoma

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