Dangerous Driving Habits That Can Damage Your Car Near University Place

dangerous drivingAs a motorist, there may be certain driving patterns you do on a consistent basis without being fully aware of them. Some of these are actually dangerous driving habits that also accelerate wear, leading to preventable auto repairs. Here are some habits to be aware of and minimize.

1. Driving on a Near-Empty Tank

As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t let the gas tank fall below the one-fourth mark. However, some drivers will allow the tank to reach near-empty before stopping by the gas station. When you drive with the gas tank on the verge of empty, sediments from the bottom of the tank may get sucked into the fuel system and disrupt the filter. Eventually, this can cause stalling and starting problems.

2. Overloading the Car

Do you constantly drive with heavy freight in tow? Unless you have a pickup truck designed for heavy payload, this can tax the suspension, especially the shocks and struts. It also forces the engine to work harder during acceleration to move the vehicle forward. Never exceed the car’s weight limit. Take into account the total weight of freight, the driver, and passengers.

3. Abrupt Braking and Acceleration

Our auto service commonly works on cars with acceleration and braking problems. This is partly the cause of slamming on the gas and braking pedal. This leads to rapid wear.

4. Not Disengaging the Clutch

For motorists that operate a manual transmission vehicle, one terrible habit is fully engaging the clutch even when the car is idle. This causes wear to the release plate, release bearing, and pressure plate. This is a primary cause of transmission failure in stick-shift vehicles.

Minimize Dangerous Driving Habits Near University Place

Do you know what else is a bad habit? Never scheduling routine auto maintenance. Make a positive change by setting up an appointment at Jones Automotive Clinic. We service common manufacturers like Toyota and Subaru as well as more obscure brands. Strive to minimize dangerous driving habits to prolong your car’s life.

Dangerous Driving Habits to Minimize Near University Place

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