Power Steering Flush: What Is It and Do Fircrest Car Owners Require One?

power steering flush

Steering is quite effortless thanks to the advent of power steering in modern automobiles. This requires fluid, though, in order to function. When the fluid is low or goes stale, then you may need a power steering flush.

How Does a Flush Work?

A power steering flush is similar to a transmission flush. The mechanic completely drains the fluid and tops off the system with fresh fluid. This removes all contaminants that accumulate over the years as you rack up the miles. Too many impurities in the fluid can cause wear and tear to the seals. The power steering system also doesn’t have a filter, making contaminant removal all the more important. 

We highly recommend a power steering flush at your local auto service center, performed in accordance with your vehicle’s user manual.

Does My Car Require a Flush?

The most apparent sign of low or stale fluid is a stiffer steering wheel. You may notice the car becomes a lot harder to steer and requires a lot more muscle, especially when making tight turns or U-turns. It will feel like an arm workout when driving.

In some instances, there may be a leak, stemming from a rusted seal. In addition to low fluid, this may also be an indicator of a worn drive belt or an issue with the power steering pump.

We Perform Power Steering Flushes Near Fircrest

Make an appointment with Jones Automotive Clinic if you suspect a power steering failure. Our auto repair crew can assess whether a power steering flush is in order, or if your car can make do with a standard fluid change. We perform these services on all models, especially Toyota and Subaru vehicles. 

Power Steering Flush and Fluid Change Near Fircrest

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