New Year’s Car Resolutions for Gig Harbor Motorists

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The typical resolutions for the coming year often include goals related to health and finances. These are fine and dandy. However, why not consider some New Year’s car resolutions near Gig Harbor? Automotive-related goals ensure better longevity of your vehicle. Here are some goals to consider.

1. Change Your Oil

Many motorists hold off on oil changes until the oil has badly eroded and turned into sludge, compromising engine and transmission performance. By committing to regular oil changes at an auto service, you significantly reduce the odds of premature wear that may require thousands of dollars in repairs or rebuild. Be sure to change the oil according to your model’s required interval. You can find this information in the user manual.

2. Learn How to Change a Tire

There are plenty of primers online on how to change a tire. However, you can’t be confident that you can actually do it until you give it a try hands-on. Practice several times in your garage; this way, you have the experience under your belt should you need to actually change your tire on the side of the road. Changing a tire isn’t difficult, but it is a multi-step process that requires using a jack, removing the lug nuts, and switching out tires.

3. Learn How to Jumpstart a Car

Like changing a tire, jumpstarting a car also requires hands-on experience. We suggest keeping a portable battery booster in your trunk, so you can perform a jumpstart without a second vehicle. However, using traditional jumper cables is still a useful skill to learn. When practicing, remember that the red cable is positive and the black cable is negative.

Celebrate 2022 With New Year’s Car Resolutions Near Gig Harbor

We perform auto repairs on all models, from common brands like Toyota and Subaru to more obscure manufacturers. Another resolution is to commit to regular car maintenance at Jones Automotive Clinic. Make 2022 the year to give your car exceptional care.

New Year’s Car Resolutions Near Gig Harbor

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