Signs of a Bad Car Starter Near Fircrest

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When the car won’t start, most people automatically attribute it to a dead battery. However, it’s possible the issue may lie with the car starter. The car will give you hints as to why it’s refusing to start.

Is the Engine Cranking?

Listen for a cranking noise when you turn the ignition. If there’s an audible cranking, then the problem is likely an issue with the fuel system and not the starter. Nevertheless, you need to have your car towed to the shop for auto repair to pinpoint the exact cause. If the problem is indeed the starter, then you may hear specific sounds, which we outline below.

Whirring Sound

The car starter has a part known as the overrunning clutch that releases the pinion from the flywheel. The starter solenoid then activates and engages the flywheel, which gives the engine the required energy to start. A whirring sound may point to a faulty solenoid.

Grinding Sound

There may also be a grinding sound. This may indicate that the pinion gear’s teeth are badly worn. The teeth are grinding due to the flywheel and pinion falling out of position. Another possibility is that the starter motor’s mounting bolts have come loose. This is actually quite complex to diagnose and requires an up-close inspection at an auto service station.

Buzzing Sound

If you hear a distinct buzzing noise, then there may be a lack of electric power that’s flowing to the solenoid plunger. Low electrical output may stem from a weak battery.

We’ll Repair Your Car Starter Near Fircrest

We examine and restore car starters on all automobile types, including those from well-known manufacturers like Subaru and Toyota. Make an appointment with Jones Automotive Clinic if the ignition is behaving stubbornly. A faulty starter requires immediate professional attention.

Car Starter Repair and Replacement Near Fircrest

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