Is Your Car’s AC Blowing Warm Air? AC Maintenance for Gig Harbor Car Owners

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Fall has arrived. However, the early days of autumn can still have their fair share of warm weather. This means you may still rely on your AC for several more weeks before the cooler weather kicks in. Some motorists have reported that the AC is blowing warm air and not providing the desired cooling. This may be a sign of multiple issues and that your vehicle is due for car AC maintenance from a professional.

Refrigerant Leak

Warm air may stem from low refrigerant levels, which may be a sign of a leak. This is difficult to detect because this type of leak doesn’t leave behind oily puddles on your garage floor. A professional auto repair technician can make the diagnosis through a careful examination of the AC hose.

Faulty Compressor

The compressor keeps the AC running by cycling refrigerant and removing heat from the car cabin. If the compressor is malfunctioning, then the refrigerant can’t generate cool air, leading to the AC vents blowing warm and stuffy air.

To care for the compressor, switch on the AC for about three minutes at least once every 30 days, especially during fall and winter. An alternative solution is to activate the defroster.

Faulty Electrical System

The car’s AC unit is way more complex than most motorists realize. This includes a multitude of fuses, wires, and circuitry. Any of these can abruptly give out from old age. In some models, the unit has an auto-shut feature to prevent further damage. It may continue to function but blow warm air. An auto service will have to examine the component up close to determine which specific part has malfunctioned.

Need Car AC Maintenance Near Gig Harbor?

Is your AC blowing warm air or just not working the way it should? Make an appointment with Jones Automotive Clinic if you’re experiencing AC issues. We service all makes and models, including common brands like Toyota and Subaru. It is not normal for a car AC to emit warm air; this warrants a professional diagnosis.

Car AC Maintenance Near Gig Harbor

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