Engine Overheating Prevention: How to Stop Your Car from Overheating in Tacoma

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Heatwaves may continue even as summer winds down and fall approaches. As such, the car continues to be at risk of damage from overheating. Engine overheating prevention remains a critical component of car care. Learn how to keep excessive heat at bay.

Inspect the Coolant and the Radiator

Examine the radiator and the coolant reservoir weekly. You should certainly do this prior to a lengthy commute. With the coolant, you don’t even have to take off the cap. Just check whether the fluid is at or above the “full” line.

Switch Off the AC

Turning off the AC sounds insane when commuting on a blisteringly hot day. However, this is exactly the thing to do if you see the temperature gauge steadily rising. Switching off the AC eases the engine’s workload. Switch the blower on the max setting to remove some of the heat in the engine bay and transfer it into the cabin. This will make for a more sweltering and unpleasant ride, but it’ll assist in cooling the engine.

Pull Over

If the temperature gauge continues to rise, pull over or look for a place to park. Open the hood to let out the trapped heat. Keep the hood open for 20 to 30 minutes. Once the engine is sufficiently cooled, pour some bottled water over the radiator.

Even if the car seemingly works fine afterward, we highly recommend that you make an appointment with an auto service. A professional cooling system inspection will reveal any potential long-term damage.

Engine Overheating? Bring Your Car to Our Tacoma Auto Service

Bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop if the temperature gauge is incrementally increasing. This goes for all vehicle types, from American to foreign-made cars. Let Jones Automotive Clinic inspect your car; engine overheating is a serious problem and warrants professional diagnosis. 

Engine Overheating Prevention in Tacoma

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