Driving on an Empty Gas Tank in Tacoma: Is It Safe?

Driving with the fuel light on is never a good idea. However, thousands of drivers do this anyways. Why is driving on an empty gas tank a bad decision and how does this impact your vehicle? 

empty gas tank

Why People Drive on an Empty Gas Tank in Tacoma

According to a survey, two million drivers admitted they routinely commute with the low-fuel warning light on. Why? They refrain from going to the local gas station, hoping the price will drop if they wait just a few more days. However, by frequently allowing the fuel to get dangerously low, they’re unknowingly damaging their car. Consequently, they end up paying far more for auto repairs, nullifying any money they may have saved at the fuel pump.

We recommend never letting the gauge go below the one-fourth mark. If you’re concerned about the cost, there are apps that can show you the price per gallon at nearby gas stations.

The Risks of Driving on a Low Gas Tank

First, there’s a risk of running out of fuel in a very inconvenient place, such as a freeway fast lane. In addition, it’s simply bad for the car to drive on a low gas tank. How so? Fuel acts as a coolant by cooling the electric fuel pump motor. When gas is almost out, the pump ends up sucking excess air, which generates heat and causes accelerated wear.

The gas tank may also have sediment at the base. When the gas is low, the pump sucks up the sediment and ends up clogging the filter.

Be Privy of Fuel Levels

Prevent expensive auto service by never letting your gas run near-empty. Drop your car off at Jones Automotive Clinic for Subaru and Toyota repairs or service of any private vehicle. Driving on an empty gas tank may lead to needless wear and tear.

Refrain from Driving on an Empty Gas Tank in Tacoma

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Posted on June 30, 2021 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business