What Happens When You Miss an Oil Change in Tacoma?

miss an oil change

Contrary to the prevailing belief, you actually don’t need an oil change every 3,000 miles. However, you definitely need to do a change in accordance with the interval in your car’s user manual. What are the ramifications for your car’s engine when you miss an oil change?

The Role of Motor Oil

Most commuters have never seen an engine when it’s in operation. Automotive engines consist of multiple moving components that rub against each other. This creates friction, leading to heat that leaves the engine vulnerable to overheating. Oil serves as lubrication and buffer between the parts when they’re in motion.

What Happens When the Oil Dries Out?

Motor oil degrades over time due to the buildup of metal shavings. The oil becomes sludge-like as particles begin increasing in concentration. With significantly decreased lubricative ability, the engine begins building heat. Components like the bearings, camshaft, and crankshaft heat up due to decreased oil flow. The eventual result? Excess and premature engine wear and tear.

An Oil Change Is a Money Saver

Our auto repair technicians have restored and rebuilt numerous engines. Almost every time, the damage could have been prevented with a scheduled oil change or flush.

Think about this: a typical oil change averages around $25 to $55, or up to $75 if requesting synthetic oil. Do you know the average cost of an engine rebuild? It ranges from $600 to $4,000. Would you rather pay $25 to $75 every few months, or be billed up to $4,000?

The lesson? Whether you own a mainstay model like Toyota or a more exotic brand, all automobiles need an oil change without exception. Eschewing this general care significantly shortens engine lifespan.

Never Miss an Oil Change in Tacoma

Visit our auto service center for your vehicle’s next oil change. Jones Automotive Clinic will keep the engine running optimally. Never miss an oil change again; we make the process quick and affordable.

Don’t Miss an Oil Change; Schedule Your Next Servicing in Tacoma

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