What to Do With a Car Breakdown on a Tacoma Highway

highway breakdownOne of the biggest commuting nightmares is experiencing a car breakdown in the middle of a busy interstate. This is definitely a precarious situation and no doubt a dangerous scenario for you and other motorists. We’ll explain what to do in the event of a highway breakdown.

Pull Over

Your car is still operable even with a blown tire or the engine blowing smoke. Pull over when safe to do so. If a freeway exit is nearby, take the exit and look for a parking area. You can also look for an auto service in the immediate vicinity.

If you must pull over in the middle of a busy road, get out from the right side of the vehicle. Increase your car’s visibility by switching on the hazard lights.

Call for Help

Assess the damage but don’t try to fix the problem; this leaves you vulnerable to passing cars. Instead, call AAA or roadside assistance.

What if you don’t have a mobile phone or if the battery is dead? In this unfortunate scenario, you have to use an emergency call box. However, getting to a call box by foot is dangerous. If a call box is within sight, make the walk; just stay all the way to the right. If you don’t see a call box from as far as you can see, then stay put. In a busy highway, a patrol car is likely to pass by sooner or later. While waiting, stay in the car and buckle up.

Stay Calm During a Highway Breakdown

Once assistance arrives, tow the car to a nearby auto repair shop. If you’re in Tacoma, then have the tow truck bring the car to Jones Automotive Clinic. Our gallery highlights the work we do for various automobile types. A highway breakdown is scary, which is why it’s so important to remain calm and not go into panic mode.

Prompt Auto Diagnosis and Repairs

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Posted on August 30, 2020 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business