How to Recognize Dirty Car Air Filter Symptoms in Tacoma

dirty car air filter, dirty air filter, car air filterAll living things require oxygen. The car, while not exactly alive, also requires oxygen. If the air filter is dirty, then the engine won’t get sufficient oxygen. Here’s how to recognize the symptoms of a dirty car air filter. Taking subsequent action will prolong your car’s life.

1. Air Filter Looks Dirty

New filters are supposed to be pearly white. If it’s badly blackened, then it’s time for a cleaning or a replacement. You can also hold the filter to a light source; if the light doesn’t penetrate, then the filter is beyond worn.

2. Engine Misfires

Does the engine have a hard time starting? Does it take multiple attempts to successfully rev the engine? This is a sign the car is not getting enough air. Oxygen is not getting through because the filter is too dirty to let the air pass.

3. Odd Engine Sounds

Pay attention to how the engine sounds when the car is in idle. A healthy engine is supposed to have an even and smooth roar. If the engine sounds uneven or if there is extensive vibration, then you probably have a dirty spark plug. This is often due to a dirty air filter. Bring your car to an auto service to have both checked.

4. Horsepower Reduction

Does the car seem sluggish during acceleration? This is a telltale sign of low oxygen flow. This warrants a checkup from an auto repair technician. If acceleration is slow, then you’re probably getting poor fuel economy as well.

Don’t Ignore the Dirty Car Air Filter Symptoms

It doesn’t matter whether you drive a modern or a classic car. If the filter is in bad shape, the engine isn’t going to perform reliably. Bring your car to Jones Automotive Clinic if you detect any of the symptoms of a dirty car air filter; other damage may also have occurred as a result.

Air Filter Check and Replacement

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