Common CVT Transmission Problems in Tacoma

CVT transmission problems, CVT transmissionMany modern cars have a CVT transmission, which should not be confused with a conventional automatic transmission. Like any other automotive component, problems can eventually arise that require immediate auto service assistance. What are the common CVT transmission problems to be aware of?

What Is a CVT Transmission?

First, it helps to understand what a CVT transmission is and how it works. It’s not that different from an automatic transmission. The former, though, is designed to deliver more seamless acceleration. In an automatic transmission, you may “feel” the gears shifting as you speed up. With a CVT transmission, the acceleration feels smoother and brisker. Essentially, the transmission adjusts itself to find the ideal torque ratio at any given speed.

CVT transmissions have become a mainstay for some auto manufacturers. They are common in hybrid cars but are yet to be seen in larger diesel vehicles. Some car collectors even retrofit their classic car with a CVT transmission.

Potential Problems with CVT Transmissions

Some motorists have noted that their CVT transmission car is more prone to overheating. Others have also noted that the vehicle suddenly jerks, shudders, or abruptly loses acceleration. The CVT belt can also fray and stretch, much the same way as a conventional serpentine belt.

How to Prevent CVT Transmission Wear

CVTs require transmission fluid just like automatic and manual transmissions. Refer to your vehicle manual for fluid change intervals. Usually, this is around every 20,000 miles. The transmission contains a chain that transfers power. This part requires fresh oil to run smoothly. Stale fluid can cause the chain to shatter, creating shrapnel that damages other parts of the transmission.

Let Us Check Your Transmission

Bring your car to Jones Automotive Clinic at the first signs of transmission problems. A component or two may warrant an auto repair. Even if your car is relatively new, do not ignore the signs of CVT transmission problems.

CVT Transmission Repairs

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