Obscure Auto Repairs in Tacoma

obscure auto repair, spark plug, oxygen sensorWhen it comes to auto repair, scenarios like an oil change, filter change, and brake pad replacement come to mind. However, your car has many other common but obscure maintenance needs that you don’t usually think about. Here are some of these obscure auto repairs.

Spark Plug

When the spark plug needs replacement, the ignition coils may need to be changed as well. The spark plug ignites the fuel inside the cylinder and plays an essential role for initiating engine combustion. If this part goes bad, it can damage the catalytic converter, which is another obscure auto part in itself.

Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor monitors the oxygen level in the exhaust and relays the information to the car ECU. This information is vital for adjusting the air-to-fuel ratio for maintaining smooth engine performance. A damaged oxygen sensor can give false readings, throwing the whole air-to-fuel ratio off. All modern cars, from common manufacturers like Toyota and Subaru to obscure brands like Denza, contain an oxygen sensor.

Other Sensors

Cars have many other sensors besides the oxygen sensor. These include the manifold absolute pressure sensor, crank position sensor, and mass air flow sensor, to list a few. These can all experience malfunctions that require servicing.

Fuel Cap

Believe it or not, a common repair at Jones Automotive Clinic is replacing a missing fuel cap. Most car owners ignore a missing fuel cap, thinking it’s no big deal. However, a missing cap actually hurts fuel economy. According to one study, a missing fuel cap causes your car to consume an additional 22 to 30 gallons of fuel per year.

We Perform Obscure Auto Repairs

If your car requires a repair you’re unfamiliar with, our auto service most likely covers it. Bring your car to our shop if you notice erratic behavior of any sort. With an average car containing roughly 30,000 parts, obscure auto repairs are bound to be needed.

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