Dangerous Driving Habits That Can Damage Your Car in Tacoma

dangerous drivingWhat are your goals this year? Reducing bad habits is often among the list of resolutions. With that in mind, we suggest eliminating your dangerous driving habits, many of which you may not be aware of. These habits slowly damage your car and make auto repair necessary.

1. Driving on a Near-Empty Tank

Some drivers wait until the fuel tank is nearly empty before filling up. The fuel tank contains sediments at the bottom. When you drive with a low tank, these impurities enter the fuel system and clog the filter. Over time, this can lead to decreased performance, stalling, and starting issues. As a general rule, never let the fuel gauge go below the 1/4 mark.

2. Overloading the Car

Do you consistently commute with heavy cargo? This is a bad practice that stresses the suspension and braking system. It also taxes the engine by making it work harder to move the vehicle forward. Know your car’s weight capacity and do not exceed the limit.

3. Abrupt Braking and Acceleration

Our auto service commonly deals with braking and acceleration issues. Often, this is at least partially caused by consistently slamming on the brake pedal. This wears out the braking pads and diminishes their service life.

4. Not Disengaging the Clutch

One notorious habit for manual car owners is pressing down on the clutch even when the car is stationary. This places undue stress on the pressure plate, the release bearing, and the release plate. This can lead to a total transmission break down.

Eliminate Dangerous Driving Habits in 2020

Another bad habit is never bringing your car in for maintenance. Bring your car to Jones Automotive Clinic whether you drive a Toyota or Subaru or own a more obscure brand. Regardless, dangerous driving habits wreak havoc on your vehicle.

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