New Year’s Car Resolutions for Tacoma Motorists

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Most New Year’s resolutions concern health and finances. However, we suggest adding a few automotive related goals. After all, you depend on your car for your livelihood when you commute to work or run errands. New Year’s car resolutions keep your car healthy and reliable.

1. Change Your Oil

A routine oil change seems so basic and common sense. Yet, so many people hold off until an engine or transmission issue occurs. This routine auto service only runs around $50, but could prevent thousands of dollars in repairs. Refer to your vehicle’s manual to determine oil change intervals and set a reminder on your mobile phone.

2. Learn How to Change a Tire

This is a street-smart skill that every licensed motorist should know. Yet, 60% of people don’t know how to do it, according to an NBC report. You can google step-by-step instructions for a primer. However, this is one of those things that require hands-on experience. Practice a few times in your garage. Common issues for first-timers include operating the jack, removing the bolts, and pulling out the tire once the bolts are removed.

3. Learn How to Jumpstart a Car

Like changing a tire, this is another skill that many drivers lack hands-on experience in. You should have jumper cables in your car at the very least. We recommend a portable battery booster, so you can jumpstart without requiring a second vehicle. However, we still recommend learning how to jumpstart the traditional way. Remember this: red cable is positive and black cable negative.

Celebrate 2020 With New Year’s Car Resolutions

Auto repairs should be among your resolutions if you’ve been holding off repairs. If your goals for 2020 include a new career, Jones Automotive Clinic has employment opportunities available. Commemorate the start of a new decade with New Year’s car resolutions.

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