Power Steering Flush: What Is It and Do Tacoma Car Owners Require One?

power steering flush

Your car’s power steering system enables you to turn your steering wheel effortlessly, using only a light touch with your hands. Like other components, this system requires fluid to operate. When the fluid goes bad, it may be time for a power steering flush.

What Is a Power Steering Flush?

A power steering flush is not unlike a transmission flush. That is, the power steering fluid is completely removed and replaced with fresh fluid. As the miles rack up, the fluid can accumulate impurities. These include bits of surface metal and rubber from the system. Unlike the engine and transmission, however, the power steering system does not have a filter to remove contaminants. The presence of the impurities can degrade the seals.

An auto service can perform a power steering flush according to your car manual’s recommended intervals or if the fluid turns brownish.

Does My Car Need a Power Steering Flush?

Here’s how to recognize the signs that the power steering is going awry. The most obvious sign is that the steering wheel becomes a lot harder to turn. It feels like you’re getting an arm workout just from navigating the car. You may also hear a squealing noise when you turn the wheel.

If the car is parked, you may notice a fluid leak. This is due to a broken seal; impurities in the fluid, as we mentioned earlier, can degrade the seal.

These symptoms can also point to a faulty power steering pump or a snapped drive belt.

We Perform Power Steering Flushes

Bring your car to Jones Automotive Clinic if you notice any of the signs of a failing power steering system. Our auto repair center can determine if you need a complete flush or if a simple fluid change will suffice. We perform power steering flushes on all models, including retrofitted classic cars.

Power Steering Flush and Fluid Change

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