Signs of a Bad Car Starter in Tacoma

car starter

Is your car having trouble starting? Most people instantly think it’s a battery problem. However, you may also have a bad car starter. Usually, the vehicle will give you some clues that will help you figure out why it won’t start.

Is the Engine Cranking?

Pay attention when you turn the ignition. Is the engine cranking at all? If it’s cranking but not starting, then the problem probably stems from a faulty fuel system or ignition and not the starter. Either way, an auto repair technician will need to run a diagnostics check.

If the starter is the issue, you may hear a noise when turning the key. Pay attention to what you hear. The following noises point to the probable source of the trouble.

Whirring Sound

The car starter has a component called the overrunning clutch that releases the pinion from the flywheel. The starter solenoid then kicks in and engages the flywheel, which provides the engine with kinetic energy. A whirring sound may indicate a worn solenoid.

Grinding Sound

You may also hear a rough grinding noise. This usually indicates a faulty pinion gear with worn teeth. The teeth may be gnashing due to the pinion and flywheel coming out of place. It’s also possible that the starter motor’s mounting bolts may be loose. An auto service will need to determine the exact cause.

Buzzing Sound

If you hear a subtle buzzing sound, then there may be a poor electrical connection. The flow is inadequate and insufficient for supplying power to the solenoid plunger. A bad electrical current is probably due to low battery power.

We Will Fix a Bad Car Starter

We diagnose a faulty starter for all car models, including common manufacturers like Subaru and Toyota. Bring your car to Jones Automotive Clinic if the ignition is acting up. A bad car starter requires professional diagnosis and remediation.

Car Starter Repair and Replacement

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