Engine Overheating Prevention: How to Stop Your Car from Overheating in Tacoma

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It’s not just people that feel the brunt of the summer heat. Your car is just as susceptible to a heatwave. So, we see more car breakdowns where the hood seems to be blowing smoke. Preventing engine overheating is crucial for minimizing the chances of a breakdown on a hot summer day. Here’s how:

Check the Coolant and the Radiator

During summer, check the radiator and the coolant reservoir at least once a week. You definitely need to do this before an extended road trip. For the coolant, you don’t even need to remove the cap. Just see whether the fluid is at or above the “full” line.

Switch Off the Air Conditioner

It sounds crazy to switch off the AC inside a hot car cabin. However, this is precisely what you should do if you see the temperature gauge rising above normal levels. This takes some of the load off the engine. You should also turn the blower on full blast. This will suck some of the heat from the engine bay and transfer it into the interior cabin. This will turn the cabin into a sauna, but it will cool the engine a bit.

Pull Over

If the temperature gauge continues to rise, pull over when safe to do so. Open the hood to let out the trapped heat. Keep the hood open for about 20-minutes. When the engine has cooled, pour some water over the radiator.

Even if the car appears to operate normally after this, we suggest that you stop at an auto service. Err on the side of caution with a professional cooling system inspection.

Engine Overheating Prevention Is Crucial This Summer

Bring your car to an auto repair station if you notice the temperature gauge consistently moving up. This applies for all models, from modern to classic cars. Let Jones Automotive Clinic examine your car; engine overheating prevention should include professional diagnosis.

Summer Automotive Inspection

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