How Summer Heat Affects Your Car Battery

car battery heat

People tend to think that the car battery loses its juice during winter. In reality, the battery is prone to dying under any temperature extremes. Today you’ll learn how summer heat affects your car battery, especially how it drains the power.

How Heat Affects a Car Battery

The ideal operating temperature for a battery is about 80-degrees Fahrenheit. The heat from the air helps induce the chemical activity that takes place within the electrolyte solution inside the battery case. Too much heat, however, causes internal corrosion and reduces battery life. It also leads to evaporation of the electrolyte solution.

The effects, though, aren’t immediate, and the battery usually doesn’t die until the following fall. This leads car owners to believe that it’s the cooling temperature that’s responsible. Our auto service sees an uptick of dead batteries in autumn, though we know the damage occurred during the summer heatwave.

How to Preserve Battery Life

Heat affects the battery whether the car is in motion or sitting in the driveway. A few simple modifications will preserve your battery for the long haul.

  • Limit the time the car is parked outdoors or park in the shade whenever possible.
  • Consider investing in a carport if you don’t have a garage. You may need permission from your city to install one on your property.
  • Regularly bring your car to an auto repair station. This is especially the case for older or classic cars. These may have batteries that need to be topped off with fluids.
  • Check the battery for corrosion buildup on the terminals. If corrosion is present, remove it using a towel or brush.

We Check and Service Vehicle Batteries

Heat leads to accelerated wear of certain car parts. Bring your vehicle to Jones Automotive Clinic this summer to check the health of your battery. Heat affects  your car battery in ways that can be detrimental to any automobile model.

Car Battery Checkup and Replacement

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