Driving on an Empty Gas Tank in Tacoma: Is It Safe?

Driving with the fuel light on is a no-no. Yet, thousands of motorists find themselves in this situation every year. Why is driving on an empty gas tank dangerous and how does this affect your car? 

empty gas tank

Why People Drive on an Empty Gas Tank

According to one survey, two million drivers indicated they regularly drive with the low-fuel warning light on. The reason? They refrain from stopping at a gas station, hoping the price will go down if they wait a little longer. However, by constantly letting the gas run precariously low, they are causing damage to their car. Ultimately, they end up spending far more for an auto repair shop. 

We advise filling up whenever the fuel gauge reaches the 1/4th mark. Also, don’t solely rely on the fuel gauge to determine fuel levels. Your driving habits determine how many more miles the car can travel. When you reach the point where you need to refuel, we suggest using your smartphone to look for the cheapest gas near your location.

The Dangers of Driving on an Empty Gas Tank

First, you run the risk of running out of fuel in a very inconvenient place, such as the fast lane of the freeway. Secondly, running low on fuel can also be bad for your car. How so? Fuel acts like a coolant by keeping the electric fuel pump motor cool. When gas is low, the pump ends up sucking more air, which creates heat and leads to premature wear.

The gas tank may also contain sediment that sinks to the bottom of the tank. When fuel is low, the pump sucks up the sediment which clogs the fuel filter.

Be Mindful of Fuel Levels

Avoid costly auto service by keeping your fuel level at least 1/4th full. Bring your vehicle to Jones Automotive Clinic for Subaru and Toyota repairs or service of any residential vehicle. Driving on an empty gas tank may cause unnecessary damage.

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