What Happens When You Miss an Oil Change in Tacoma?

miss an oil change

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily have to get an oil change every 3,000 miles. However, you absolutely need to perform a change according to intervals in your vehicle’s user manual. What are the implications for your vehicle’s engine when you miss an oil change?

Why Motor Oil Is Necessary

Most people have never seen an engine in action. Car engines consist of multiple moving parts that often rubbing against each other. This leads to friction and heat, the latter is detrimental to an engine. Oil acts as lubrication between the moving parts.

What Happens When the Oil Dries Out?

Motor oil eventually degrades due to exposure to the accumulation of metal particles. The oil turns to sludge as particulates begin building up. With its lubrication abilities diminished, the engine experiences excess heat. Parts like the camshaft, bearings, and crankshaft accumulate heat as less oil flows in their direction. The end result? Premature damage and an expensive engine replacement or rebuild.

How to Prevent It

Our auto repair center has repaired countless engines whose damage could have been avoided with a timely oil change. 

Consider this: a conventional oil change costs $25 to $55, or up to $70 if using synthetic oil. Do you know how much an engine rebuild costs? Between $600 and $4,000. We think paying $25 to $75 every few months is heck of a lot better than footing a bill for up to $4,000. 

The takeaway? Whether you drive a common model like Toyota or an exotic brand, all models require an oil change, no exceptions. Neglecting this basic service drastically reduces engine lifespan.

Never Miss an Oil Change

Stop by our auto service for your car’s next scheduled oil change. Jones Automotive Clinic will keep your engine running strong. Miss an oil change at your own risk.

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