Should Tacoma Motorists Switch to Winter Tires?

winter tires

Some motorists stick to all-season tires year-round. We’ll admit winter tires are not absolutely essential in a region like Tacoma. However, making the switch does make handling a bit more manageable on icy roads.

What Are Winter Tires?

As suggested in the name, winter tires are intended for winter use. The treads are deeper with larger gaps, giving them better traction and the ability to move water more easily.

Winter tires are an absolute must in regions that experience a lot snow. While Tacoma winters hardly ever entail snowfall, they do bring rain that causes slippery surfaces. Winter tires are not expensive, and most auto services install them.

Winter Tire Statistics

If you’re unsure about switching to winter tires, here is some data that might be helpful food for thought. The data comes courtesy of Consumer Reports and Michelin.

  • Most drivers consider winter tires beneficial whether they drive a front-wheel or four-wheel-drive vehicle.
  • Drivers with snow tires worry less about losing traction than other drivers.
  • 67% of drivers believe winter tires are unnecessary if they have all-season tires. However, road tests from Consumer Reports confirm that winter tires have superior traction.

Can You Use Winter Tires Year-Round?

Some people make the switch to winter tires but never return to all-season tires in the spring. We do not recommend this. Winter tires have more pliable tread rubber. While this increases grip in winter, it also wears more quickly in warmer weather. That means replacing an entire set of tires more frequently.

Most auto repair services will re-install your all-season tires at a low cost.

We Provide and Install Winter Tires

We have winter tires in inventory for most car makes and models. View our gallery to see our crew in action. Bring your car to Jones Automotive Clinic to switch to winter tires; the move will drastically improve your safety on the road.

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