How to Defrost Your Car Windows During a Tacoma Winter

defrost car windows

Tacoma isn’t the coldest region, though it does get cold enough to cause the windows to frost. You need to defrost your car windows. Not doing so greatly limits visibility and is a serious hazard. We’ll go over some simple ways to clear your windshield of morning ice.

1. Pour Warm Water on the Glass

This is a simple hack; pour warm water over the windshield. The key is to use warm but NOT boiling water. The latter can cause the window to crack. Warm water melts the ice enough for you to scrape away using a scraper or a credit card.

Our auto service also recommends a more effective hack. Instead of using plain warm water, use a solution of one-third water and two-thirds rubbing alcohol.

2. Let the Engine Idle

When you start the car, let the engine run for two to three minutes. While running the engine, turn on the defroster. This helps defrost the windows on the sides and rear, which motorists tend to forget to do. You should also roll down the windows a crack. This lets in some dry outdoor air, which mixes with the warm humid interior air and speeds up results.

3. Prevention

Prevention is the best remedy to keep frost at bay. If you park your car outside, then cover the windshield with cardboard. This shields the glass from moisture that causes frost formation once the temperature dips. Similarly, you can wrap the windows with a towel.

Defrost Your Car Windows and Stay Safe on the Road

Winter is also a good time to address auto repairs. This is the season when hidden problems tend to manifest themselves. Bring your car to Jones Automotive Clinic; we work on all car types, especially Subaru and Toyota models. Defrosting your car windows is critical for road visibility.

Winter Vehicle Maintenance

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