How to Spot and Minimize Pothole Damage in Tacoma

pothole damage

Anyone who commutes daily on Tacoma streets can attest to the number of potholes. This is especially problematic during this time of year because most potholes are difficult to detect because leaves and puddling water disguise them. Learning more about potholes will help you minimize pothole damage.

What Causes Potholes to Form?

Water that accumulates on the road during fall and winter seeps into the cracks in the pavement. Then it freezes. Then it thaws. As this process repeats itself, it causes the road to contract and bulge. When cars drive over the bulge, the weight causes it to crack apart and the tires dig out the cracked pieces.

How Do Potholes Cause Damage?

Driving through a pothole causes a sudden shift in air pressure in the tire. In severe instances, this can lead to a blowout. Potholes may also cause a bend or crack where the rim meets the tire. Finally, hitting a pothole may lead to a misaligned suspension or uneven wear. If the vehicle begins veering in one direction, then you have an alignment problem. Bring your car to an auto repair center right away.

How to Avoid a Pothole

Obviously, if you spot a pothole ahead, slow your vehicle to minimize the impact or drive around it if possible. However, not all potholes are clearly visible. Pooling water is often a sign of a pothole. Also, slow down when driving through leaf-strewn roads. You can never be sure what the fallen leaves are concealing.

You should also leave ample space between you and the car ahead. Tailgating minimizes reaction time to a pothole if you spot it at all. 

We Repair Cars from Pothole Damages

Our auto service routinely inspects potential vehicle damage from potholes. See our gallery of our crew members in action. Jones Automotive Clinic advises motorists to be cautious drivers so you can avoid pothole damage

Fall and Winter Auto Maintenance

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