Desert Driving Safety Tips For Tacoma

desert driving, desert driving safetyWashington isn’t exactly known for its deserts, though they do exist. Fall is actually a good time to travel to such areas since the weather is far more bearable. Before heading out on an excursion, be sure to adhere to safe practices for desert driving.

Bring Plenty of Water

You need to be prepared if your car breaks down. You don’t know how long you’ll need to wait for tow assistance, which can take hours in an off-road region. Bring an entire case of water because desert settings can lead to dehydration even in the fall. You should also keep coolant in the trunk for your radiator.

Know Your Vehicle

Most vehicles have features that the owners rarely use. You’ll be surprised at the number of drivers who are unable to locate, for example, the hazard lights. Others may not know where to locate the tools for changing a flat tire. Familiarization with the vehicle is even more important if driving a rental car.

Service the Vehicle

Bring your car to an auto service company for a pre-trip inspection. You need to address all auto repair issues because problems are more likely to manifest themselves under ambient desert temperatures. You should also consider modifications, such as switching to all-terrain tires or to a coolant formulated for off-roading.

Stick to Designated Paths

We recommend sticking to designated pathways or exploring with a tour group. Some off-the-grid paths may not have ample phone signal. They may also be harder for tow services to locate. If you insist on a more desolate path, then bring a satellite phone.

We Perform Pre-Off-Roading Inspections

We service all vehicles from Toyota models to RVs. Bring your car to Jones Automotive Clinic if you have an upcoming off-road trip on your radar. Desert driving is one heck of an adventure but is not without its risks.

Pre-Road Trip Vehicle Inspections

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