Four Common Car Air Conditioning Problems

car air conditioning problems, car AC problemsWith summer in full swing, expect to become reacquainted with your car’s AC. You may notice, though, that something about the air coming out the vent just feels off. Car air conditioning problems are actually quite commonplace. Our auto service shop deals with faulty ACs all the time.

1. Moisture

Do you feel moisture in the air when flipping on the AC? This may be a sign of trapped moisture or solid particles in the AC system. If a musty odor accompanies the damp feeling, then you may also have bacteria or fungi growing inside the AC vents. At this point, not only are you not receiving cold air but the vent is emitting illness-inducing mold spores.

2. Barely Cool Air

Do you turn the AC on max but only feel air that is mildly cool rather than cold? You may have a clogged cabin air filter or bad condenser. If you are more mechanically inclined, then check the condenser and cooling fan while the car is running. You should also examine the condenser for signs of obstructions, such as leaves or bug parts.

3. Strange Noise

Do you hear an out-of-place noise within seconds of switching on the AC? The cause may be a dying compressor. This may also be signs of contaminants in the refrigerant.

4. Warm Air

Warm air for the first minute or so is normal. However, if warm air persists, then you may have a dirty condenser coil or fan. A soiled condenser or faulty fan may not properly cool the refrigerant.

We Diagnose Car Air Conditioner Problems

Summer commuting can be a nightmare without AC. Bring your car to Jones Automotive Clinic for AC and other auto repairs. We are especially adept at Toyota and Subaru repairs. Common car air conditioner problems may be due to multiple causes and require professional diagnoses.

Summer Car AC Diagnosing and Repairs

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