Why Summer Car Care Matters

summer car care, air filterIs your car ready for the upcoming summer? Your car undergoes more stress during operation under high temperatures. This is why summer car care matters to responsible vehicle owners across Tacoma.

Check Your Tires

According to the Rubber Manufacturer Association, only one in 10 car owners regularly check tire pressure. You absolutely cannot disregard tire pressure checks in the summer. Factors like under-inflation, misalignment, and worn treads all increase risk of a blowout. For every 10-degree increase in temperature, tire pressure increases by about 2 psi. This increases over-inflation, which can cause a rupture in the rubber.

Change the Air Filter

The air filter probably collected a lot of debris and road salt over the winter. A dirty air filter reduces fuel efficiency by as much as 10%. Unless the vehicle manual specifies otherwise, we recommend an air filter replacement every 12,000-miles.

Check the Coolant and Radiator

Automakers design engines to work under extreme temperatures. Nevertheless, even the most sophisticated engines have a limit. Too much heat causes the moving metal parts to melt and fuse together. This is why the car requires coolant. An auto service can completely flush your radiator and refill the coolant.

Check the Battery

People assume batteries only die in the winter. Heat is actually just as taxing on a car battery. Heat alters the chemical composition inside, causing it to overcharge. High temperatures also cause the internal fluids to evaporate; a dry battery is a dead battery. Be sure to regularly detach the cables and wipe corrosion off the terminals.

We Perform Summer Car Care

Be sure to address any necessary auto repairs before embarking on a road trip. Bring your car to Jones Automotive Clinic for a pre-trip checkup. If you own a Toyota or Subaru model, then we’re the go-to crew. We cannot overstate the importance of summer car care.

Summer Car Maintenance for all Vehicle Models

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